July 10, 2018


Welcome back to NU, The Habits!

This track feels like a perfect mix of indie rock and summer-time tropical pop appeal. The vocal tone is warm and somewhat nostalgic. Almost reminds me of Billie Joe from Green Day. The harmonies are perfect and the hook’s spaced out vocal delivery makes it easy to sing-along.

The lyrics also provide more than typical radio type songs. Vulnerabilities like “I think I’m a good man, but babe I fucked it up”. The singer is throwing stones at her window trying to get back to where they started. As we enter the ‘un-cuffing’ season, The Habits provide a beautifully-timed track that relays the rollercoaster of emotions one faces when dealing with love. A summery and upbeat soundscape (let that hair down) juxtaposes the vulnerable and emotional nature of the lyrics. “Calling Me Up” is the spilling of a diary page out loud, and you can’t help but fall in love with these boys as they take you with them on their journey.

#indierock #thehabits

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