July 10, 2018


You’ll love this band. The Solarists provide a dreamy, laid back summer atmosphere with “CRYPTK”. From the lazy yet melodic and refreshingly nostalgic vocal approach to the quirky accompanying production – it’s a good time. They explain it as a chill indie-rock vibe taking you back to the early 2000’s sonically.

Their recently released tune “Wait For It” was also a hit across the blogs. With the emotive qualities of Band of Horses, the pop songwriting sensibilities of The Shins and the instrumental elements of Grandaddy, The Solarists bring and old-school, nostalgic feel to their modern sound.

The song seems to be about trying to understand and get to know another individual. Them being Cryptic. To the point that even the word is spelt differently (CRYPTK) as they struggle to decipher a meaning.

The four lads (Clint, Justin, Nate and Kaua) hail from Provo, Utah and seem to blend perfectly for this sound delivery. We look forward to more music that teleports us to another time.

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