July 12, 2018


In a unique collage style music video documenting his international trekking, (Denmark’s) Tim Schou brings us “Nirvana”. He has a peaceful hippy aura to him and his music. It seems to be about reflecting and appreciating life and what it has to offer us. Tim Schou explains:

“Because the song and lyric was written so fast, and I never actually went back to change anything, the song is very open to interpret and up to the individual listener. It’s like looking at an abstract painting and decide for yourself what you see. I see as a song about escaping into whatever gets your mind traveling. I like the fact that I didn’t go back and try to perfect it, but let the song live as it was captured and written in the moment”

The video is a raw and honest resume of the last couple of years on the move as a couch surfing singer and songwriter around the world, Berlin, LA, Ghana, Sweden, Tokyo, Denmark, etc.

“The best thing I know is to travel, not knowing where I am tomorrow and let life pull its surprises on me. Nirvana is in many ways a song about escaping and let your dreams show the way. I hope it inspires and make people wanna go explore the world on their own.”

This energetic indie pop single is produced by Mike Green who has worked with Paramore and Sum 41 to name a few. Mike helped fuse Tim’s vocal melodies with the electro inspired production.

Indulge in an escapist state of mind of impulsive thoughts and dreams below!

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