July 16, 2018


Instantly the smooth production sounds lured me in. Soothing guitar melodies with 80’s type synth riffs. Then the buttery vocals came and blessed them to complete the listening experience. “Call me a Fool” is a very digestible song that mixes some nostalgic production with dreamy melodic vocals for an emotionally driven, lush ambient masterpiece.

Marie “Mree” Hsiao and Henri Bardot began collaborating in 2013 through a bicoastal working relationship. They have been featured playing and producing on each others individual work, and in 2016 the duo known as Perlo put out their first EP titled Patterns which has accumulated millions of streams worldwide. Since then the pair have become a live in couple, constantly collaborating on songs filled with stories and images revolving around their emotional kinship, hopes, fears, and vulnerabilities.

“Call me a fool, I finally found a way to make this better, to make this OK”

To me this sounds like she may be expecting skepticism from friends and family for rekindling a relationship but it’s something she knows she needs deep down.

Listen to the song below.

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