July 16, 2018


This is a fun alt-pop song from Brooklyn band, The Rungs, and it’s the first they ever wrote. It reminds me of a quirkier version of our friends The Monowhales. Below you’ll find the music video for “Trees” which is their first, on a super low budget DIY style but still brings a nice aesthetic and visual accompaniment.

In between the soothing, smooth vocals, we’re blasted with electronic riffs with wild melodies that make me feel like i’m trapped in a super nintendo. The short and energetic tune has an unconventional structure and fun sections. The synths are also accompanied by distorted guitar, eccentric vocals and brought together with playful repetition.

Below are the band members who blend rock with synth pop, while recording and producing everything out of their Brooklyn home studio!

Mandy Gurung (vox, guitar, songwriting and production)

Diwas Gurung (vox, guitar, songwriting and production)

(wife and husband how cute!) ^

Steven Bartashev (drums and production)

Enjoy below, let loose and jam out! not every song needs ideal structure.

#indierock #therungstrees

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