July 16, 2018


Meet the Rock and Roll / Rap oh and RNB, fusion. You may remember Trinidad James from “All Gold Everything”.

Childish Major has been making smooth tunes for a while now. But Hero The Band is a new name to me. The Atlanta band is made up of four blood brothers. Coming from a musically inclined family, this is no surprise. Both their mom and dad sing, and several uncles, aunts, cousins, and grandparents sing and play as well. “Music is in their blood”; and that is why the HERO sound is so rich with soul, electric energy, and wholeness.

Although the brothers have been singing together all their life, they did not form an official group until 2008. The group name at that time was Inseparable, a fitting name for brothers who are not only close in age, but are close in heart. As Inseparable, the guys performed their own R&B originals at various clubs and talent shows throughout the Atlanta area. By 2010, the brothers officially formed the band HERO which showcases both their vocal and instrumental talents. Their sound is an evolving mixture of pop, rock, and soothing melodies. HERO just has a unique and inviting style.

I appreciate this production that brings hard electric guitar with demanding drums that suit the urban flow. The hook is borderline a screamo band. Then you got raw rap vocals in one verse, RNB in another. It’s just a nice hybrid of deliveries. The video is also full of energy to suit the rebellious sound.

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