July 16, 2018


Meet (Eirik) Langva Lie from Oslo, Norway. How multi-talented is this dude? He plays every instrument is sings this whole track. He also looks young. I mean, my favourite producers are from Oslo so i’m not too surprised there is more talent to offer (Lido and Cashmere Cat).

Sapiens is a cute, beachy and catchy love song made in Langva’s bedroom. A song about missed love that’s still uplifting. He reminds me of Rex Orange County with that vocal tone/melodies and production vibe.

I like the lo-fi homemade feel of the overall song. It’s nostalgic, not perfectly in pitch or time because there’s a human aspect to it. The falsetto harmonies and adlibs are key too which can easily blend in the background but provide the depth to take it to a next level sonically.

Keep it up dude! he deserves more views.

#langvalie #sapiens

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