July 16, 2018


Aaron Taos is back on NU with another infectious pop track, “Voodoo”. The song relates to the supernatural powers that a new lover has over you, as if he’s been controlled to fall for them.

“You like playing with pins and needles”

“You must be practicing some evil”

This guitar loop is over two years old but the surrounding production was put on hold as Aaron couldn’t find the inspiration for vocal melodies and lyrics. He would return to the session every now and then but came up blank. NYC songwriter Larzz Principato (Halsey’s “New Americana” and Dua Lipa’s “IDGAF”) helped Aaron get his vibe back and with some help from his mixers TON, the final production was added.

“Black magic woman, Santana was right”

The falsetto earworm for “Voodoo”‘s hook really finalizing his consistently solid mid-range deliveries. With hints of trap drums and big spaced out bass tones to compliment the guitar licks, it’s another ear-pleasing track from the boy.

Aaron adds:

“The way this record came together is unusual for me because normally if a song isn’t clicking within the first couple hours of toying with it, I kind of give it up on it. I’m very into that initial vibe and running with it if it feels good – I don’t like to force it. This is the first instance where I’ve let a track breath for so long and it ended up working when I finally got some extra help. I’m so glad it didn’t go to waste.”

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