July 22, 2018


You may remember back in January we introduced you to Berlin, Germany based musician, Barney Sykes, or better known by his stage name as S Y K Ë S. The artist coined the term designer rock and released his single “Red,” and we absolutely loved it.

Now S Y K Ë S is back with “Karma.” Please do yourself a favour and listen – it is insanely catchy! It is the perfect anthem to add to your summer playlist while you hit the beach or bar.

NU got to chat with S Y K Ë S about the new single, upcoming projects and the beautiful and inspiring city of Berlin.

1) What was the writing process and inspiration for Karma?

Writing Karma came about and was inspired by two things, the first being that I was living in a place I consider home – Athens, Greece at the time and the living situation for everyone in the Country then was (and still is) really hard and testing due to the crisis that happened – and so I poured that experience into the song. I wanted it to give people power and hope when they listened to it. The second thing was a personal situation where I felt completely wronged and had no way of changing it and I also wanted to use that in a positive way somehow. And so those two things came together in Karma, which is about getting back what you give, staying positive, and putting up a middle finger to the hard times and the struggles. There is a subtle nod in the song that it might be about the tough times in Greece with the line “but I stay up like Mount Olympus in the clouds”, the home of the Greek Gods.

2) Will there be an official music video for Karma? ( We loved the music video for “Red”)

I’m still planning to shoot a video for Karma over in Greece, with director Thodoris Niarxos (who shot the video for debut single ‘Red’ ). We’re just trying to work out the schedule for that – as the videos for Nothing More and Wolves In The Night are also set to be shot in the coming months – which is gonna make it a hectic but very cool and creative period. I’m really happy though that I could put out such an interesting lyric video first for Karma (done by Nils Brunkhorst) that hopefully sets the tone for the song and the energy.

3) Do you have any upcoming music fans can look forward to?

Yes, I’ll be releasing the final two tracks of the Untamed EP – “Nothing More” and “Wolves In The Night” in September along with some visuals. Nothing More is maybe my favourite song so far and so I’m very excited to see how it will be received. After that new tracks will be coming single by single , and possibly an album in 2019. We finally begin the live shows from September and so I’m really looking forward to getting on the road and playing these tracks live, how they were intended to be ! First up is the German city of Mannheim, with more dates to be added very soon.

4) Do you feel Berlin is an inspiring place for musicians?

Berlin is an amazing musical (and artistic) city. There is an energy here that I don’t think you find in many other European capitals and there is definitely a good feeling and vibe wherever you go. I’m also happy that the last few years since I moved here, that other genres of music are on the rise (Rock, Pop e.t.c) outside of the classic Techno and EDM that Berlin is famous for. I record often at a studio over in an area known as Treptower Park (with producer of Karma – Phil Sunday) and you feel like you have one foot in the city and one foot outside – which is perfect for creation and inspiration.

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