July 30, 2018


Edmonton based artist Nuela Charles, on the back of her Juno nomination for her album “The Grand Hustle”, releases her second single “Troublemaker” for her upcoming album set to drop in the fall.

“Troublemaker” is a great example to support the comparisons Charles has received likening her vocal abilities and rich soul sound to Amy Winehouse and Adele. Upbeat and snappy this track showcases a variety of old and new sounds. Charles worked hard on the instrumental track production duo Towers sent her and the resulting single is a hit; with sass and flair this song is most certainly one to dance to.

Not all is playfully fun and simple here however. On closer listen “Troublemaker”s lyrics suggest Charles, and this song have a bone to pick with some far-too-friendly guys who just can’t seem to keep their noses’ clean. Charles’ big voice and sharp, brash delivery through the chorus and closing bridge give this song almost an anthem-like feel, especially if you’ve been done wrong before.

Nuela Charles has had a lot of praise coming her way, with a shoutout in FADER, finding herself on the CBC Radio 2 chart, performing at Edmonton Jazz Fest, Canadian Music Week and performing with Ziggy Marley Neula Charles is certainly showing form and her next album should be one to look out for.

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