August 1, 2018


Toronto Singer/Songwriter Brittany Scott gives us her two debut singles with accompanying music videos.

The song and music video for “Faith” portrays a comparison between religion and everyday living and how a person may not be comparable or live by these specific virtues.

Brittany tells us

“I really wanted to write a song in my own perspective about my continuous need to walk my own path and live my life as I see fit to me. In the past I experienced being told what I was going to be doing, how my life should be looking, and what is expected of me as a “Grown Up” by people that I love. During these times I had the overwhelming feeling of disagreement. I had so many other dreams, goals and ideas that I felt extremely passionate about that didn’t fit my “Expected Life Mold” at all. It takes a lot of courage to break away from the expected and do what’s best for yourself. I hope that this song and video encourages everyone to take a risk on themselves to go after exactly what they feel they need, because they are completely worth it.”

Next is “Gun to my Head”. This is a provocative video that shows a hostage situation at gunpoint which represents a person that feels trapped in an abusive relationship. At first it seems like he’s the one holding the gun to her head, but then she realizes its her holding the gun to her own head. By staying with him she’s holding herself to it.

Brittany further explains

“As dark as the scenes are, there is a very positive message being made. At the beginning it shows myself being held at gun point as a victim to someone, but by the first chorus the perspective changes and it ends up me holding my own gun, making me the victim of my own thoughts and fears. Which in turn shows that I am victimizing myself in a toxic environment that I could walk away from. As the video progresses it continues to show me coming to realization of what I am doing, and the knowledge I have within, helps me take back my power and start to defend myself. By the end the video it shows me breaking free.

Brittany Scott is currently working on more new music that she’s excited to share. Stay tuned and follow her on Spotify HERE.

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