August 21, 2018


Ohio-born and Los Angeles-based songstress, Jenny March is a self-proclaimed, “open book.” Her new single “Talk to Me” is a pop anthem for any twenty something year old.

The twenty two year old singer, explained to Atwood Magazine,

“This song was inspired by me ‘not caring anymore‘ about what people think. I don’t like to stress about a lot of things in my life that aren’t worth the trouble because life should be about having fun and staying up until 2 AM drinking wine with your friends.”

I can definitely relate to that!

March’s song will have you dancing around your house, while you reflect on your own late-night adventures with friends.

“I’m gunna sink into the night real slowMaybe pour another glass of winemy house is smellin like a southern barBut I don’t really care anymore.”

The song also captures the essence of not giving up on yourself and your dreams – all the while still having fun.

Listen to “Talk to Me” here:

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