August 27, 2018


The “Saints of Los Angeles” are back with “Do You Love”.

Synth pop band machineheart were formed in 2014 by guitarist Carman Kubanda, bassist Jake Randle, and drummer Harrison Allen (a group of friends from Tacoma, Washington) along with Stevie Scott, an Anglophile singer from Los Angeles. Popular covers of Katy Perry and the 1975 helped them gain blog exposure (they even contributed a song to MTV’s Scream television series), but it was not until the shimmery single “Circles” was released that the band received more serious buzz, with placement on emerging artist lists on various digital streaming platforms. “Circles” was featured on their debut EP, In Your Dreams (Columbia), which was released in 2015. A pair of well-received singles, “Stonecold” and “Speak in Tongues,” dropped in 2016 and 2017, respectively.

This song starts minimal with solid guitar chords and a sneak preview of the lead singer’s potential with some gentle, pleasant melodies. The song does a great job into progressing into a compelling medley of ambient sounds and emotion-packed vocal layers over a 4-on-the-floor drum presence. I especially love her harmonies and overlapping vocal melodies right before the mini guitar solo.

Enjoy the video below.

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