September 1, 2018


Welcome to Norway’s new face of Pop: JIM. Yesterday, the “Sailor Music” artist dropped the lyric video for his newest song.

“I’m calling you up when I’m lonely

I’m looking for signs won’t you show me

That it doesn’t have to be so bad

Lets celebrate those lonely nights”

The undeniably catchy song is about embracing loneliness and then connecting to end it. This romantic homage to feeling lonely is packed with memorable melodies with fun, quirky and modern sounds. The vocal chops and breakdown at the end provide a wicked futuristic touch to this piece for an undeniable groove you’ll want to dance to. And the chord variation at the end too, oouff. Who’s this producer?!

We look forward to more from Oslo’s JIM. Watch the lyric video below.

#jimlonely #indiepop

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