September 14, 2018


John River had everyone very concerned since the beginning of this year when he tweeted a series outlining his serious medical condition.

Long story short, after numerous doctors visits, they finally, FINALLY, found out the problem with him.

About a month ago, John was back in the studio again.

If you’re unfamiliar with the artist, John River aka Matthew Derrick-Huie is a 23-year old rapper from Clarkson, Mississauga. Below is “Hope City II” which is almost at 1M views. He also has a TED talk!

SO now that you’re all caught up.

This was posted a few hours before the track dropped.

“Back from the dead don’t it feel so special?”

John talks about his hospital experience and how in fact, he died for 4 minutes. The beat floats with an eerie piano, like his older work, it’s a simple instrumental that doesn’t get in the way of his passionate tone and delivery. A very brief track, this seems to act as more of a “I’m Back” announcement. It feels like a reminder, so now the fans can be ready all the other music he’s had saved up. “Burn The Boats”, is a play on words to his previous albums “The Calm” and “The Storm”. Does this mean he’s steering in a new direction from his old sound for a fresh start? only time will tell.

Welcome Mr. River back below

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