September 26, 2018


Toronto’s freshly trending singer and songwriter Lo Lo made a solid debut with the soft pop ballad Yours receiving praise from millions on online communities, including YouTube and Spotify. On Spotify, she garnered over 400,000 plays, featuring Lo-Lo all over the web music world.

At the age of thirteen, she picked up her first guitar and wrote a song urged on by her teacher. Since then, she has been writing songs and wanted music to be her career.

In her freshly released single Convenient- the captivating singer hits right into a relatable past that her audience might share. She bares her heart about dealing with loneliness by finding a distraction with someone who finally made her feel better. A pattern we all probably find ourselves guilty of following after a heart wrenching break up. She shares in the song about hearing rumours the guy spreads about her being completely into him. Whereas she uses this song to declare she isn’t and was just using him to feel better.

She declares that the song helped find herself again. Her vulnerable accent towards her music gives listeners a moment to dive into their past and understand we all have certain common ways to recuperate, cope with miseries. It might not be the best way but there is no reason for people to judge when they have their own issues.

Lo-lo’s soul, youthful voice quality merges well with her music’s electro-pop sounds. Her songs have great production quality that communicates with the new generation. The songwriting essentially covers borderlines themes of venture and grief. She skillfully uses this voice to share her side of the story with a growing list of ardent fans who find themselves in similar situations.

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