September 26, 2018


Shungudzo Kuyimba is an original songwriter who has a Civil Engineering and Sociology major from Stanford University. While exploring a new musical language, she also pursued humanitarian interests. She has also held the position of Editor-in-Chief of a highly regarded political news website.

Shun for short, she believes her lyrics stand alone as her songs are more often about social issues. TIME Magazine had described Shun’s, Long Live the Billionaire as an immigrant’s rallying cry praising her for her socially conscious lyrics.

The artist’s backstory is as stimulating as her ability. She is a self-taught musician whose path as a first-generation immigrant- musician was complete with challenges. Her family migrated from Zimbabwe to America when she was just a child.

At the age of five, Shun made a rule for herself- to write a poem every day for the rest of her life. As an immigrant Shun found it hard to tread on a writer’s path. She had little encouragement to follow her passions. Then one day, as she was struck by the idea to sync her poetry to music, the highly-skilled singer dismissed her textbooks to buy a keyboard and microphone, thus using her dorm room to serve as a training field for a craving she now calls a profession. To become a self-sufficient artist, she spent three months studying music programming.

In her single, Paper she gives a correlation between one seeking happiness in material wealth and immigrants migrating to “promised lands” only to realize these lands are infamous for breaking promises. Money then often succumbs people to losing themselves, she describes.

Shun has an undying ambition to use music as a platform to affect the changes in her home country’s surrounding political, social and educational atmosphere. She considers herself a voice to the displaced youth around the globe living under suppression and poverty.

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