October 7, 2018


Skyler Stonestreet, a musician who has created a heavy buzz with her songwriting skills is now set to release the single It Kinda Hurts. The songstress has written “IDGAF” by Dua Lipa and Marshmello’s dance hit Chasing Colours which have garnered over 600 million streams. The Las Vegas-born singer and songwriter’s music has been featured on popular series like Grey’s Anatomy, One Tree Hill, Jane by Design, Switched at Birth and many more. Skyler expressed that music saved her life. After facing her battle with Cancer, the success through the process inspires her music. She shares, “Breast Cancer is just one piece of my life”. Her intention is to not be defined as a cancer survivor but help others who are in the same situation, especially girls who she hopes will feel fine in their own skin. It Kinda Hurts draws on ‘90s grunge pop influences. The song is about the time you break up and still deal with certain leftover emotions. Her voice exhibits a cross between Cyndi Lauper’s synth-pop and Courtney love’s alternative rock vocals. She also pursued music school but dropped out to pursue her career full time. Jason Koffeman has directed the video for her single, he says, “We wanted to make a video that tapped into that messy feeling Skyler is singing about. A left-of-center love story for nobody and everyone all at once”. It Kinda Hurts taps into the happy but stingy feelings people feel for their exes after seeing them happy with another person.

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