October 16, 2018


A teenhood spent writing and recording alone at a home studio, a degree in sociology from NYU and a tragic, yet inspiring pedestrian accident were the genesis of Brooklyn-based artist Charles Fauna‘s debut EP “Eulogy”. Now not necessarily on purpose or by design do these events add up to the release’s inception, but the themes, production and overall spirit of the project, which began in 2017, can be heard.

“Friday” features an examination of the trapped soul, the one whose mind wanders to greater things and yearns to “feel unlimited” but cant seem to fight the conditions he lives in. Equally euphoric and colourful as it it is melancholic this song’s production blissfully melodic and mood inducing; dreary and full of reverb, a wet and slow day is artfully painted for the listener. Fauna’s vocal delivery is pointedly echoey, moody and deep helping add to the themes of loneliness and sorrow that carry out through the project.

Featured in outlets such as Noisey, NYLON magazine, EARMILK and Atwood magazine and currently moonlighting as a composer for television and film, it seems that Charles Fauna’s post graduate move into the alt-pop scene have been nothing but fruitful. Fauna produces meaningful and challenging content that is certainly refreshing to hear while also on the base of it being consistent, high quality, mood setting music.

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