October 16, 2018


Elias Boussnina, at the age of 24, has had himself quite a varied career thus far. of Danish and Turkish decent, speaking 5 languages and raised on American hip-hop and soul, the twenty-four year old has already released two albums and achieved some Soundcloud notoriety in 2015 under the name Yung Coke. Having a more hip-hop based mixtape style sound, Boussnina has since moved on from his hip-hop endeavours and reemerged under his name with a more charismatic, mature and soulful approach showcasing versatility and musical prowess.

“Candy” is Boussnina’s highly anticipated new single, following up on “Lost ones” and “5:30” and it is a honest, personal and smooth performance. The verses highlight of Elias’ charming and raspy voice. He sing speaks through honest, playful and yet testy and tragically suggestive lyrics that listeners are sure to connect and empathize with; “Candy”s content, Boussnina confesses, is about relationship insecurity and those all too familiar feelings. From there across the bridge and chorus the song transitions from a sweetly cryptic monologue to an emotionally open and honest delivery, bringing the feels on the sing full circle, certifying it as a jam anyone can relate and groove out to.

A transformation not unnoticed, Elias Boussnina’s new look is a progressive step forward and a statement of arrival for an up and coming artist that will surely soothe, relax and woo a willing ear.

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