October 16, 2018


Soulful, empathetic and compassionate, “Company” comes off of Laura Roy‘s latest EP and is a welcome project displaying the artist’s continued upward trajectory.

Born and raised in the small community of Canning, Nova Scotia on the east coast of Canada, Laura Roy taped into her musical talents in a peculiar fashion. Initially inspired by the sounds of folk and singer songwriters she describes as prevalent in her rural community and home life, Roy also found inspiration on own in hip-hop, reggae and RnB, a interest she admits fed into feelings of not fitting in or similar to her peers. From here, her songwriting career began going from local talent show and festivals to becoming a familiar voice in the Nova Scotian music community and studying Music Arts. From here Roy continued to blossom, making the move to Toronto where she produced her debut self titled EP in 2016. Fast forward 2 years and Ms. Roy is back with a less pop inspired sound and this time out of London, UK with her latest 4 track EP “Forte”.

A beautifully honest and soulful project, “Forte” bears Roy’s feelings on its sleeve. Dealing with the vulnerabilities in the wake of a break up, “Forte” is a brave and compassionate confessional. Showing real progression in production from her debut project Laura’s bold and powerful voice is only heightened by her London based team’s work and the sound is emotionally matured and richer. “Company” highlights Roy’s vocal range going from sincere, sultry and classically raspy to soulful, rich and full of heart. Highly reminiscent of the 2000s RnB scene “Company” is something for rainy day’s drive or an easy evening in, a reminder to reflect, accept and grow.

Currently working with various artists and their respective project’s Roy assures she is always writing and working on new music and hoping to put out more work in the new year. Certainly a voice to listen for.

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