October 24, 2018


I discovered 22-year old singer, songwriter, Jeremy Zucker on his song with Blackbear. Now I realize he’s much more than that song and is consistently delivering memorable songs with his unique raspy yet smooth vocal tone. He not afraid to get personal and deep with his lyrics as seen in “all the kids are depressed”.

Zucker says of the single:

“People were always talking about their anxiety, their depression, their medication. That was new to me, I guess. In high school if someone was on anti-depressants or suffered from some form of a mental illness, they would almost be shunned. Like, ‘We don’t talk about that’ or ‘We don’t hang around people like that.’ That to me was so crazy and so cruel. It was so tough for me to be in an environment where people viewed people with mental illness like that because if I had periods in middle school or high school when I wasn’t feeling great, I was afraid to say I was depressed or had anxiety.”

He continues,

“So being in school and being openly able to discuss mental illness was what motivated me to write the song. When I say half of my friends at school were on anti-depressants, it might even be more. And that’s not an anomaly.”

His new project will extend that sentiment of reaching the emotions of the listener, rather than blanketed subject matter.

“For me the music is about the feeling and connecting with individuals than addressing a widespread topic,” he explains.

Always from the heart, the songs take you on a journey that speak to the fans, yet still remain at the core of Jeremy Zucker’s identity.

“That’s what makes my music unique: I don’t listen to it thinking is this what people are gonna think is dope?” he says. “It’s like no, it’s what I think is dope. That’s my compass.”

Multi-talented, Brooklyn-based singer, songwriter and producer Jeremy Zucker’s latest EP summer, is out now—listen HERE. summer, features Zucker’s latest tracks, “thinking 2 much” and “comethru.”

Zucker released motions in 2017 and performed at his first sold-out show at The Studio of Webster Hall that summer. Following the massive streaming success of his 2017 single “talk is overrated” featuring blackbear, 2018’s intensely personal EP glisten delivered the groundbreaking song “all the kids are depressed,” the first widespread glimpse into Zucker’s songwriting ethos. The track has over 30 million Spotify streams to date and its powerful video, directed by Drew Kirsch (Felix Jaehn, blackbear, Louis the Child, Quinn XCII), has over 5 million views to date. In May, he graduated from Colorado College and put his degree aside to finally pursue his dream of making music. As Zucker enters this next phase of his career, he brings a new love letter to life that fans will undoubtedly connect with.

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