October 24, 2018


Here’s an infectious retro electro synth atmosphere from Magdalena Bay called “The Girls”. We love the way the hook is syncopated/annunciated. The 90s influenced synths and percussion really suit her beautiful vocal tone and captivating melodies. The song has a perfect mix of dynamics without becoming too stagnant in the verses.

The duo consists of Mica Tenenbaum (writing, vocals) and Matthew Lewin (writing, vocals, production). They started creating in high school, resulting in a collection of upbeat and synth-driven singles. The band bring retro aesthetics into the contemporary era, mixing 80s and 90s aspects with contemporary writing and production. from Madonna and Brittney to Grimes and Charli XCX, they’re influenced by artists who make fun and clever pop; pop of the past AND future. We’re sure glad these two met and have the chemistry to put these songs together.

You’ll fall in love with the “The Girls” and the bouncy vocals. Dance all night over these sparkly, lush synths (or as they put it, 90s-throwback space pop).

#magdalenabay #thegirls #indiepop

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