October 24, 2018


SITA has a pleasant soft yet whispy vocal tone which lingers around different textures and tones creating a unique vocal approach. The contagious melodies fit well with the upbeat and creative production. The big hall reverb “hey” ‘s fill in the pre-hook nicely providing a lot of space before the bouncy hook delivery.

“I do my best to shake it

You must be contagious”

Sita sings about a love that finds her whether she wants it or not.

Sita Steele is a singer-songwriter, native to New York and currently based in Nashville. Her music is a conglomerate of many genres, with a strong lean towards indie electro pop. While in New York, she obtained success within the advertising realm, singing and composing songs for television. Making the move to Nashville, she looks forward to releasing her own music and collaborating with other artists. Her latest single, Back and Forth is now available on Spotify and Soundcloud.

Bring to beat to your heart and listen below.

#sita #contagious #indiepop

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