October 30, 2018


As the title states, ‘Scared Stupid’ is the third single release from British/Australian pop singer Emmi’s concept album titled ‘LOVERS’ that covers the highs and lows of modern relationships. Emmi’s project comes together, having worked been worked on in LA, London and Hamburg, as an honest, mature and soulful confession as the artist situates herself as the central character in ‘LOVERS’ is herself. Emmi’s project is on the heels of a series of independent releases where she has quickly risen to fame and recognition, most notably a staring role on the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them soundtrack.

‘Scared Stupid’ finds the lovers one-year into their relationship and while the love seems to be growing and feeling boundless, Emmi centres herself and explores some of the paranoia underlying the obvious ecstasy she finds herself in. “You are too good to be true”, “I’ve never been so happy with anybody”, “whats the catch”…this heartbreaking and all to relatable tune is sprinkled with bits of lyricism sure to tug on anyone’s heart is delivered very honestly. Emmi’s vocal delivery through the chorus is airy and light, helping to fuel a dreamlike state of love and happiness and yet through the bridge and verses she is much more full and toned sounding, more cautious as she unravels her concerns.

This guitar driven, heartfelt song is a must have on your personal playlist. The remainder of Emmi’s project is scheduled to drop through November so keep your ears to ground for the ‘LOVERS’ next chapter.

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