December 3, 2018


A bubbly and eccentric tone from Yianna carries this smooth GuitaR&B production. The chords and bassline are reminiscint of Daniel Caesar’s “Get You” or something perhaps by Rex Orange County. But she undeniably makes this her own with her vocal presence through the graceful vocal delivery and melodies.

When she was just 18, Yianna dropped out of college to pursue music. Knowing nothing about the music industry, songwriting, or production – she wanted to become an artist. After trying her hand at it and extensively gigging around the tri-state area in various coffee shops and subway stations (all under fake names since she didn’t want anybody to know her identity), Yianna believed it was time to quit music and start applying to schools again.

Just as she was on the cusp of enrolling in a military program, she was urged by those close to her to try with music one last time. Feeling more encouraged than ever, she dove head-first into writing, more determined than ever.

‘Ordinary Love’ marks the start of Yianna’s artist career with a laidback sultry track that pays homage to elements echoed throughout various eras of soulful R&B. Yianna’s voice gives a sense of comfort and familiarity and the lyrics and instrumentation capture the butterflies and nerves felt when first falling for someone.

Even the last vocal riff she ends on display her vocal control and knack for melodies. We’re excited to see her journey, listen below!

Here’s a quote from her Soundcloud:

I started writing my EP in East Harlem in my friend Nick’s bedroom. I felt heavily inspired by the culture I was surrounded by and the people I met. There’s this magical energy that Harlem has. Sometimes we’d have to stop recording because people would be blasting old R&B songs from their boomboxes at the park across the street. ‘Ordinary Love’ is a song that we wrote super quickly, but then had a hard time finishing. I re-wrote the chorus like 2 or 3 times. I didn’t let it go until I felt we had it right. It was the first time since I had started making music that I had full creative control over everything I was doing. Just me and my friends making music we loved.

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