December 10, 2018


This production is crazy. The distorted 808’s are accompanied with bouncy, glitchy bells and filled with sporadic percussion hits. Then to compliment the aggressive energy, JDP provides a variety of different tones in his vocal approach which keep us on our tones. His rapping certainly reminds me of Ludacris, you’ll hear it when you press play. The energy is high on this one.

Award winning songwriter, rapper, singer and poet combines elements of rap, pop, r&b, and electro to craft a sound all his own

Johnathan “JDP” Pratt was born on the South Side of Chicago. He grew up listening to a wide variety of music drawing influences from the likes of Frank Sinatra, LL Cool J, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Prince & Michael Jackson. In 2009, JDP released the mixtape “Air Raid”, the mixtapeʼs pop infused single “Release” led to JDPʼs inclusion in URB Magazineʼs annual Next 100 issue alongside Drake, Theophilus London and Freddie Gibbs.

Get yourself some satisfaction and listen below.

#urban #jdpgetusome

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