January 3, 2019


kidsun is a project conceived by 23 year-old Singer/Songwriter Ben Kidson, bringing epic pop songs, rock guitars and electronic production sensibilities together.

“Bad Dreams” is the lead single off “The Bad Dreams” EP. The distorted vocal falsetto riff on the hook was a real ear-worm for me making this memorable instantly. The heavy rumbling bass on the verses contrasts well with the ambient guitar presence. His vocal tone is pleasant too to tie it all together.

Having played spanish guitar since the age of 8, he had found a passion in music, but his upbringing tried to restrain it. After being caught skipping class to teach himself drums, his careers advisor and parents both told him to ‘give up on music and study history’ but he was unconvinced. In the environment he was brought up in you were either a sportsman or an academic, and he was neither.

The ‘kidsun’ songwriting style is perfectly exemplified in his debut single MAGNETS. Taking a wide array of influences from his teenage idols Nirvana, and contemporaries Sigrid and Twenty One Pilots, he melds soaring choruses to cool riff work, with modern drum machines and synths to create a mash up that fits perfectly into the 2018 pop scene.

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