January 3, 2019


Nightseason is composed of drummer-turned-producer Patrick Zeinali and vocalist Jordan Caiola. The two found common ground over recent breakups and had the desire to put their feelings out while turning alt rock upside down. The EP was actually created all through emails without the two of them ever meeting.

The delayed snares create a mood on this track, fitted well with the bassline and Jordan’s raspy vocal delivery. There are ambient moments that create a soundscape that puts you in the place of the artists. “Wear The Treads Off” is a slow-burner, wrought with emotion and sincerity.

Nightseason tells the story of someone who has given up on love as you hear the heavy-hitting line, “I don’t believe in love anymore.” A semi stripped soundscape adds to the character of the track, leaving you feeling a tangible emptiness. Nightseason elaborates,”The first verse was never written down, it was just the first thing that came out of my mouth when I went to sing some melodies over the instrumental I already had. For whatever reason those were the words that my mind formed and I never wanted to change them because they felt so unconsciously genuine.”

Caiola and Zeinali’s debut 5-track EP, to be released later in 2018, brings their rock and hip hop backgrounds to the modern age of cross-genre music. Fitting in a groove between Sir Sly and Alt-J, the duo are crafting fresh, outside-of-the-box pop and look set to drip release tracks from their EP over the next months.

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