January 17, 2019


A voice memo at the gym of the lyric “You belong in the passenger side” and an energetic, catchy pop beat later gives us an emotional rollercoaster titled You Belong.

Singer/songwriter Justin Bryte and producer/songwriter Slavo are behind the retro-pop duo Fly By Midnight. The New York based duo had hopes of their audience connecting emotionally to their most proud hit “You Belong” and it has generated quite the buzz.

The song is inspired by the heart-wrenching moment when you realize how much you miss someone and the desperation of wanting them back. It’s wishing they were still by your side and hoping it’s not too late and they haven’t moved on.

The constant running in the music video perfectly showcases this thought process by capturing the day-by-day routine of scrolling through their social media as you’re trying to get on with your day. Both the song and video are realistic thoughts and feelings, which a lot of fans relate to. The fact that it is shot in New York also contributes to how emotional, but danceable this song is.

You Belong features in various playlists such as Spotify’s New Music Friday, Apple Music’s A-List Pop and Breaking Pop, as well as Soundcloud’s Fresh Pressed.

The New York based duo followed up with a full-length album release on November 16th, 2018 titled Rerunning. Just in time to cap off an exceptional year of a college tour and festival performances such as Firefly and Panorama. Fly By Midnight has been praised by various platforms such as Billboard, NYLON, Ones to Watch and Huffington post.

Rerunning is an album full of nostalgia from start to finish, as the duo says it is “an episodic experience of romance and repetition”. Take a listen at other hit singles, “All The Feels,” “Just Say it,” “I Feel It”, and their most recent single “You Belong” below:

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