January 17, 2019


We talked to Jon Lootz about his new EP “Buoyant”


The process was a bit funny. I was working in film full time for the last year and it was amazing but I kept coming home dead tired or was on the road for so long filming that I used the busy schedule from film as an excuse and a detriment to making music. I love film making and always wanted to be in that world as well as music, but music is my first love. It was in Ireland on the first “holy shit” type movie with the team that hired me that it hit me that I can’t be the head of sound for a feature film right now. I felt like I was living someone else’s dream.

It was more stress less embracing how incredibly lucky I was, until I randomly got instrumentals sent to me from my friends Mitch (iiSaints) and Tyshaun (MRVAN5). It sparked a change in direction for me and I used those two songs (iiSaints song eventually turned into Self off of Buoyant) as outlets to help me get through all the shit in my head at the time.

I wrote “Self” to convince myself that I deserved to be doing what I was doing. I decided to quit film and go full time into music because I know I’m young and have talent that needs to be focused on. It was just a sign of respect to myself and a confirmation that I believed in me.

I wrote “Do Not Disturb” the day I got off the plane. I got home, showered and went straight to work. Luckily my good friend Matt (L5K) was ready and willing to work. It was natural and an easy writing process. I just got back from being apart of making the last movie for the foreseeable future and decided to begin controlling my fate. Putting effort into what I truly want to the fullest of my capability is what I need to be doing if I want to succeed.

Bad things and Good things didn’t exist until I was sitting with a few friends in the basement studio at Robs house vocalizing what I meant by the project. Being depressed but staying afloat. Trying to balance everything properly with an “ebb and flow” of positivity and melancholy. It took less than half an hour for Armaan to come through and make me want to write. I knew I needed to be honest with myself about how I was feeling.

“Keep on thinking bad things and I can’t explain why”

I knew after writing Bad Things I needed to balance things out. I wanted to feel good. So I wrote that down.

“I just want to feel good right now.”

All I had was that line, when later that week we went back to robs. This time with my buddies Pat Ty and Dom. Dom wrote a guitar line for me, after we discussed working together while I was overseas l, and I put my head down and started writing. Writing about wanting to be happy is easy for me. It’s true.

It was when I was getting Pat and Ty to do background vocals that I heard Pat sing my hook way better than I could. He added an amazing flair and vulnerability to it. My words being sung by someone else made me so happy I had to keep it. He accepted the proposal and I had a song with my buddy Pat.

All in all, writing this EP was refreshing for me. I got to look at myself with complete honesty. I know I want to be less depressed, more inspired, less insecure, more vulnerable. I want to make music for the rest of my life and I figured there’s no better way to motivate myself than to make the conscious decision to live.

Stream BUOYANT now below!

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