January 17, 2019


Raised in a musically gifted household as a preacher’s son, Jariah Higgins delivers a chilling, yet soul-driven track titled “Locked”.

Jariah captures the moment you admit to yourself that every negative energy you have ever felt from someone or a situation should have been a red flag and your running start. He sings about being mentally detached from everything surrounding his life and feeling hopeless because he stuck around.

As he sings:

I knew I should’ve run

The second that I could

She put me here

You can feel the regret coming from his powerful voice, and then he raises the insanity by adding:

She did it to me

She did it to me

She put me here

She put me here

Jariah started his music career at age 8 when he moved to Nashville to travel with his family full-time to play music across the United States for 6 years. His soulful and captivating music has caught the attention of locals in the Tampa area. He has been voted #1 Local Artist in Tampa/St. Pete and has been the most regularly played local artist in Tampa on 102.5 The Bone. His first EP “Locked” was released in May 2018 to launch his professional career.

The Tampa based singer/songwriter Jariah released another expressive track titled “Cupid”.

In this mesmerizing record, Jariah soulfully sings about searching for his perfect love. He proclaims he won’t give up or won’t let this person down and he’ll search and wait until they are found. It sounds as though he is ready to commit himself to love by using an arrow as a metaphor singing:

I’ll draw my last arrow / Steady is my aim

An arrow is said to be a metaphor of life. When life pulls you back, it only means that you will launch towards something extraordinary. In this case, it is someone he has been longing for.

Jariah has released his first EP titled “Locked” which is available to listen on common platforms such as Apple Music and Spotify.

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