January 26, 2019


Los Angeles sibling duo, Bay Ledges, comprised of Zach and Georgia Hurd, released their EP titled In Waves in late November of last year. One song in particular that stood out to me was “I Wonder.”

The track was co-written and produced by Christian Medice who co-wrote and produced lovelytheband’s “Broken,” which is currently one of the biggest songs on the charts. Both sounds have an upbeat tempo but deeper lyrical meaning.

The song describes the emotions and thoughts everyone has after a break-up.

“I wonder what your thinking

I wonder If your with somebody new

i wonder how your doing

It’s a feeling I can’t get use to…”

Mixed with nostalgia and hopefulness, this song captures such a relatable thought process you go through when missing someone.

Do yourself a favour and listen to the song and the whole EP. Bay Ledges is a name you will be hearing much more of.

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