February 5, 2019


AVON GARDE is the rebirth of Mississauga producer, Francisco Samayoa, formerly known as Wild Blue. It is the amalgamation of Francisco’s creative interests, including hybrid media installations, art & code, and design. With music at the forefront, all of these passions coalesce into AVON GARDE: a new artist with new ideas.

With this rebirth comes Avon Garde’s brand new 7-track EP “Rumination”. Each track displaying the artists multi-faceted versatility. The image represents overcoming this and breaking free, coming up for air. Below, we had the producer outline each track for us. Rumination is the focused attention on one’s distress, on causes and consequences rather than solutions.

IKIGAI – A Japanese concept meaning “a reason for being”. RUMINATION is an album about catharsis and overcoming my anxiety. Ikigai is the anthem for change and showing the world what I have to offer.

NEON GOSPEL – I was inspired by neo-noir films like Blade Runner & Only God Forgives. While the track may not fit the narrative, I believe it’s representation of where trap is headed.

VERMILION – Vermilion is just a word that sounds cool to me. It’s also a colour I admire. Why wouldn’t I call a filthy trap beat Vermilion? The first half has a crazy bounce that just barely has a pocket for rappers. But the reality is, I just wanted to flex my drum programming. The second half was inspired by Stargazing (Travis Scott).

SPIRIT BOMB – Y’all should watch the new DBS movie if you haven’t yet. 9/10.

DEL MAR – Cafe Del Mar is on the bucket list, for sure. For this track I was inspired by future garage and UK garage. I found the grooves fascinating, and always wondered why we never tapped into that here (Toronto).

ZERO DARK – With a name like RUMINATION, the project needed something dark and heavy. With the ascent of DEL MAR, you’re now spiralling back down the rabbit hole. It’s pure madness. Tip: Don’t be afraid to layer 808’s.

ICARUS – Kaytranada is one of my heroes and this is my tribute to his greatness. It didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to, but this alludes to coming full circle with the project title. I kept feeling inadequate for not being able to match the quality standard of this genre. But then I said, “fuck it. Just put it out”, as all great musicians do. I finally overcame my ruminating thoughts.

We’re excited for more solo work like this and to see who he ends up producing for. Listen below!

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