February 15, 2019


New Zealand pop artist Micah caught our attention by ‘Raising Hell,’ with his new single.

Micah first started turning heads in 2016 with his single ‘Game’, which has almost hit 500,000 streams on Spotify.

Now the artist is back with his new single ‘Raising Hell.’ Co-written and co-produced with Josh Naley (who’s currently touring with heavy hitter Robinson), ‘Raising Hell’ is a provocative and powerful song of self-empowerment and not giving up.

Micah told Nu “For me, this song was inspired by the idea of criticism. I went into the studio after hearing about someones opinion about the decisions I was making, it made me so mad. I do everything myself and I work for what I have, I don’t need anyone telling me how to live my life.”

He continued to say,

“I found a beat that I liked with Josh and the lyrics just came – everything flowed together so nicely.”

I love this song because its not only insanely catchy but it’s super relatable to anyone has felt criticism and unwanted opinions.

The song has already made it’s way onto my 2019 Spotify favourites playlist. I can’t wait to hear more music.

Check it out here:

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