February 19, 2019


Today we welcome back Elias Boussnina to our blog. He displays his vocal versatility once again with sing-rapping, smooth rasp mid-range delivery and smooth falsettos on the hook. The danish singer teams up with Uno The Activist (Playboi Carti’s cousin) to “Bring The Pain”. This is track 3 of 7 from Elias’ brand new album “Shameboy” released through Universal Denmark.

From Soundcloud to Spotify charts, Elias used to go by “Yung Coke” back in 2015. When the Atlanta-vibe hit the Nordics, Elias had already been listening to this for a couple of years – and was getting tired of it, ready to create something fresh. During his rise, progression, and eventual termination of Yung Coke, Elias began writing more R&B songs and transforming his sound and identity into the expertly crafted art you hear today.

The production features an addicting, yet subtle flute sample, contrasted over gliding bass tones and other sparkly elements ascending and descending throughout the hook and even unique ethnic percussion to top it all off.

Stream all of “Shameboy” below! (13th Floor is my favourite)

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