February 23, 2019


Instantly, this track puts me in a fast-paced video game racing down Rainbow Road or something. It’s the uptempo instrumental that almost sounds like a Nintendo soundtrack, mixed with her melodies and futuristic tone. Luckily there’s a switch in tempo and vibe into the pre-hook which gives us a chance to breathe and soak in more ambience and vocal appreciation. The slight robotic tinge to Y.A.S’s vocal tone has me saying “Yas” because it blends well with the production aesthetic. Brb grabbing my Nintendo Switch.

Scottish-born, London-based artist Y.A.S introduced herself to the industry via an assortment of heavyweight collaborations with both artists and producers from across the electronic music spectrum, including the likes of TroyBoi and DEVI. With the water firmly tested, she’s ventured out as a solo artist proving she’s ready to steal the show.

“Big Dreams Die Hard” is a good example of her use of symbolism; using her sweet, innocent sounding vocals, and vibrant production to tell a dark and painful truth. This juxtaposition sets up the theme of ‘smoke and mirrors’ right from the beginning of the song.

Speaking on the motivation behind the song, Y.A.S states:

“Big dreams die hard is about reaching a crossroads on the road to my dreams. Do I give up? Or one more shot? It deals with the painful questions I ask myself almost every day on this journey. Am I just not good enough? Is it not on the cards for me? This song mourns the innocence and beauty of the dream, after the reality of the industry, the criticism, the pressure, the self doubt, the rejection, the comparison, and the time running out has chipped and chipped away at it.”

The last year for her has been spent crafting her debut EP Ethereal Pop to perfection, a music melting pot of which she calls light vocals x heavy beats, that is set for release this summer. The opening gambit Chasing the Dragon saw support from Clash Magazine, no mean feat for such a new artist. She was quick to follow with the equally well received Vibrations which was supported by BBC Asia, premiered on Lost Culture Magazine and prompting a Q&A with Kaltblut Magazine.

Listen below.

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