February 23, 2019


After a triumphant year spent touring the globe and releasing his star-studded, all-killer Anthology mixtape, Jarreau Vandal is back with the video for the tape’s third single, “What You Saying” with TĀLĀ. As with the rest of Anthology, “What You Saying” continues down Vandal’s path of incorporating more and more live instrumentation into his still club-friendly productions.

There is, of course, still a lot of electronic flourish in the warping of both TĀLĀ’s voice and the Chromeo-esque funk behind it. The resulting West Coast vibe of the track is further amplified in the breezy road trip visuals that follow Vandal and a friend as they tour a sun-kissed city before heading to an intimate but energetic party.

TĀLĀ lays fun, bouncy vocals over Vandal’s tropilca steelpan and slapping bass. The following is a quote from her:

“What You Saying? was made during a studio session that was set up by my management. Before we even started working on any music we had a conversation about how whenever you get single everybody seems to notice that you are single and seems to hit on you. And that’s kind of what the song is about.”

The Soulection producer will be dropping ‘Vandalized Edits Vol. IV’ soon so stayed tuned for that (a compilation of remixes), in the meantime, check the video below!

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