March 12, 2019


Indie-pop Singaporean artist Linying has just released her newest single on Valentines Day of this year titled “All of our friends know”.

The song is a classic tale of two lovers who seem to be at odds with the rest of the world. Even though everything makes sense between them something seems to be amidst. All of their friends seem to know it before they do. Try as they might, they can’t seem to fit together the two remaining pieces of the puzzle.

At first listen, the song seems light and airy, bringing the listener into a dream like state. Listening more closely I came to the conclusion that she’s quite mysterious and calculating. She meticulously crafts each lyric together to convey a bigger story. It’s hard to stipulate whether the song is pulled from a personal relationship or not but either way it’s truly a wonderful piece of art.Linying is rapidly establishing a promising music career with fans nationwide. We at Nu are very excited to see what else she’s got in the works!

You can listen to her newest single here:

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