March 12, 2019


It’s hard to say exactly where Bulow originates from, being born in Germany, and subsequently raised between the United States, England, Canada, and the Netherlands. One thing appears to be certain, however, that Bulow has found her home in the music industry. Since being discovered at a Summer Camp (of all places) Bulow has quickly risen to international stardom, with her debut EP Damaged Vol.1 (Possible reference to seminal 80’s LA Punk band, Black Flag?) gaining her title New Artist of the Week by Apple Music Canada.

Now just in time for The Junos, Bulow has struck again with the catchy, emotionally charged, hip-hop/pop anthem “Sweet Little Lies”. The song, according to Bulow, is about how

“When things get real, we find escapes. Sometimes it’s hobbies, and sometimes it’s people. But the degree of it we can’t always control”

The powerful message is sung with soft, sorrowful vocals and backed by a gloomy piano melody and a grooving, classic hip hop back-beat. With her previous single, “Not a Love song” reaching over 83 Million steams and “Sweet Little Lies” already approaching half a million within just weeks of its release, Bulow seems to have now made the Top of The Charts a place to call home.

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