March 12, 2019


Mark is a true Diamond in the rough. Pulling on emotions and personal themes he brings the listener to a new sense of peace, only if they are to open up and experience it’s wonder.

His single ‘Roads’ — released by Stardog Records/Republic Records — tells a story of struggle between duality and finding balance. Tipping the scale from one extreme to the next and the difficulty in finding the middle road. As the song nears the end we can sense that balance was found and where ‘Heaven’ was all along. Although his lyrics play with this sense of struggle, a sense of clarity can be seen throughout the instrumental. Whether it was known or not, it seems balance was present all along.

Mark says this song was a cathartic experience. It was one of those ‘that just needed to come out’. Mark claims that Chris Martin is one of the most influential artists to his art. Through thought provoking lyrics and an easy-listening instrumental this track has Coldplay vibes all over it and we’re seriously digging it!

Listen to “Road” by Mark Diamond below,

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