March 14, 2019


New to the blog are Elliston, a Toronto-based vocalist and Azlo a Montreal-hailing eclectic producer. Today their new bouncy, spaced out single “Reciprocate” hit streaming platforms. It reminds me of an extended version of the breakthrough track “Hotel Room” from their EP with its echoing falsettos yet refined deeper verses.

“It’s about someone trying to move forward and progress while this “supermodel” they’re dealing with is only interested in partying and temptation so they don’t reciprocate each other’s intentions.”

Speaking of the EP, lets back-track a bit. Azlo has been dropping instrumental songs for a few years now but Elliston debuted his presence on January 18th this year with “Nomads Land”. It’s a 4-track EP produced by Azlo with vocals performed and written by Elliston (co-written by Azlo). Almost two months since the release, the EP has surpassed 30,000 streams across all platforms with features from Youtube and Spotify playlisters such as dynmk.

The two met online and after over a year of trips between Montreal and Toronto and Facetime sessions, managed to narrow down over a dozen songs into four for this EP. They found common ground in the exchange of Azlo’s gloomy, experimental and lush production creating pockets for Elliston’s buttery falsettos.

Elliston summarizes each song:

“Every song tells a different story over a different atmosphere of sounds and moods. ‘Hotel Room’ sounds like an intro as it creeps into the main structure. ‘All That’ was a more fun upbeat song that actually includes a auto-tuned rap verse with a french lyric but still that catchy, hitting falsetto hook. ‘Move’ evolved from so many different versions into a hook with synths that almost resemble electric guitars giving it a Rock feel. ‘Don’t Mind’ was the only beat that wasn’t made from scratch on the EP. I heard it on Azlo’s Soundcloud and knew it had the cold, Toronto winter R&B sound that this EP needed to close off”

He continues to explain:

“Working with Azlo was a totally new experience for me. I’ve worked with a producer before named AODAN who would be involved in helping narrow down melodies for specific parts. Azlo takes it even further and will take random vocal chops to fit as adlibs, or change his mind and take a section or chords from one instrumental and in the same project file just bring to life a whole other idea, then you’re like damn which path do we choose? it’s all so good you want to use everything.

The most important part of the process for me was having him narrow down the melodies and come up with better ones too to suit certain parts. As a singer/songwriter I often do demo runs and come up with so many melodies and just want to use them all but this man hears how certain phrasing and notes combine with the drums and other elements i’m not used to considering”

The two aren’t a duo, but have many more songs dropping this year they say.

Azlo’s upcoming debut EP is set to release spring 2019.

Be sure to keep an eye on what these two have planned for the rest of the year, and stream Nomads Land below.

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