March 18, 2019


Honing their craft from the grungy basement music venues in Chicago, Lucile Furs have managed to transcend all the boundaries of their local scene and produce a sound reminiscent of a different era. The line up is comprised of bass player Patrick Tsotsos, gutiarist Nick Dehmlow, drummer Brendan Paleo-Lazar, singer Trevor Newton Pritchett, and Mellotron/organ player (Yes, I did just say mellotron) Constantine Hastalis. The collective imagination of the group will leave one nostalgic and yearning to be transported to a good ol’ fashioned L.A 1970’s hippie acid trip. Borrowing from the likes of both psychedelic and garage rock sounds ranging from The Kinks, The Beatles’ Sgt Peppers, The Byrds, and Jefferson Airplane the band has successfully added to their catalogue year after year, and again has hit the mark with their most recent single, “All Flowers Before Her.”

In true psychedelic fashion “All Flowers before her” has an introduction replete with a jazzy swinging drumbeat a hypnotic bass groove, and spacey organ sounds. Mixed in with the reverberating guitar and the singers dreamy vocal melodies and lyrics, while being charged by the dynamic drum variations, the song pulls you closer into the bands sweet, colourful, but also somehow harrowing, vision of a 1970’s hippy paradise.

If you’re tired of hearing bands that sound as though they are lacking in imagination, this is a band for you. Lucille Furs not only let their imaginations run wild in their music, but offer the chance for their listeners to do the same.


Friday, March 15th – Virgin Hotels @ Chicago, IL

Thursday, March 21st – Bootleg Theater @ Los Angeles, CA

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