March 19, 2019


The brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Andrew Eapen, LA’s Oyster Kids have produced an onslaught of successful singles since their humble beginnings of one young mans recording project. With Eapen on vocals and guitar, Jonathan Bradley manning the drums, Robbie Gullage on bass and Roy Tanaka on the keys, the band has found their efforts rewarded with airplay on television shows such as “Shameless” and “Jane The Virgin”, while also performing with the likes of major acts such as LCD Soundsystem, Weezer, and Mike Snow.

The Oyster Kids

The song is a poignant blend of a dark-wave electronic style reminiscent of Crystal Castles and the Indie- Pop sensibilities of Foster the kids. While the beat will keep your body moving, the strange, sometimes dissociating background effects will have your mind spinning through a 80’s video game vortex and your emotions fluctuating at alarming speeds. The ability of their music to pull on the listeners heart strings; one second happy, the next second melancholic, is part of what makes this band so strong in their abilities.

On one hand, “Losing My Mind” can certainly get the party going, but it may also be your next break up song.

Debut EP coming out Summer 2019, and Full-Length Album at the end of the year.

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