March 20, 2019


Keely Valentine is a Toronto singer/songwriter/producer and DJ who fuses together the best of her city’s electronic, hip hop and pop scene into a cohesive sound. Through her rising fame in her Twitch streaming, Cosplay DJ-ing, and her songwriting which has garnered her recent attention in the K-Pop scene, Keely Valentine is demonstrating the limitless range of possibilities for the artists of this millennia.

Valentine has come out this month with full force in her new song “IDK U NOW”. The song serves as a soundtrack to a dreamy, decaying urban setting. With her expert ability to craft chest-thumping beats, vibrant and ethereal electronic melodies, and as a pop vocal/lyrical ‘tour de force’, she serves listeners a full course meal on their decent through her emotional post-break up story.

#keelyvalentine #idkunow #indiepop

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