March 20, 2019


Reach cuz this party is LIT and the Party Favors keep on comin’

In order to grow we must learn to let go. Very much like a snake shedding it’s skin, we need to release all that no longer serves purpose in our lives. To achieve this level of understanding and freedom one must look inside and surrender themselves to the hard hitting truth. Exploring one’s internal layers can awaken something extraordinary.

Party Favor’s debut studio album ‘Layers’ – scheduled to be release in April – alongside it’s hard hitting, thought provoking single “Reach for Me” explores this very concept of growth.

“Reach For Me” shows a whole new level of maturity, which we can only assume has been building over the course of his career. Hard- hitting bass, haunting melodies and eery vocal accents are some of the things that come to mind while listening to this track.

Do yourselves a Favor and check out his newest track here:

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