March 20, 2019


In 1993 SHY Nodi was born in Stockholm, Sweden. By 2016 he was recognized worldwide as a songwriter with the release of “The Ocean” by Mike Perry (Feat SHY Martin). The multi-platinum hit was streamed over 500 times and awarded Spotify’s prize for ‘Most Streamed Song of The Year’ at the Swedish Publishing Awards that same year.

Education was his family’s main concern. SHY Nodi’s pursuit in music only began when they gave him two years to fully invest in his dream of working full time in music, with the understanding that he would return to his studies if it didn’t take. Surely enough, it did! With only two months left to go “The Ocean” was release, which evidently changed his life.

Since his breakthrough track he has released other hits including “All We Know” by The Chainsmokers Ft. Phoebe Ryan, and “I Wanna Know” by NOTD Ft. Bea Miller. In 2018 he launched his solo career under the same name with his song “Complex”.

His third and newest single “Han Solo” -according to SHY Nodi- is about discovery. It’s about finding yourself and finding those that accept you for who you are.

Check out his newest track here:

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