March 22, 2019


Wandering between alternative and electronic, CXLOE‘s pop sensibility brings these two diverse genres together to create a sound all of her own; a pure musical aesthetic met with complex and dark lyrics brings a true contrast to her artistry. Having developed her musical career from a young age amongst some of Australia’s most coveted songwriters and performers, CXLOE has experience well beyond her years.

Maintaining a rush of momentum from rising streams and a growing profile, CXLOE’s new single “I Can’t Have Nice Things” dropped on Valentines Day and has been met with significant critical acclaim. The Sydney-born dark-pop songstress exclusively debuted the track via Billboard.

A danceable bass line, neon synths, and finger-snaps reverberate beneath her breathy vocals on the track. It ultimately slips into the hashtaggable and catchy refrain, “I can’t have nice things.” Penned by Oskar Sikow, CXLOE, and J Kash, the track spotlightsher emotionally charged lyricism and dynamic vocals over production from Oscar Sikow and Andrew Wells. Interestingly enough, J Kash also co-wrote with Maroon 5 on “Cold” and “Don’t Wanna Know”, which has undoubtedly added a sense of musical continuity to the current Maroon 5 tour (featuring CXLOE as their support act).

In an interview, CXLOE admitted,

“‘I Can’t Have Nice Things’ is an unfortunate mantra I’ve found myself living by”. “I wrote it right after ‘Show You’. It feels like the perfect follow-up as it shows the consequences of my impulsive actions. I drew a lot of melodicinspiration from Joni Mitchell. You could say it’s my inner child speaking through my adult self. When I was younger, I’d always end up dropping or damaging precious or breakable items. Now, I always seem to find a way to sabotage things that mean the most to me like relationships, family, friends, and career. It’s a valuable lesson that I can’t have nice things.”

Listen below:

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