March 22, 2019


New Jersey born turned LA naive, Harry Hudson is a name you will be hearing lots more of.

The singer released his first song, “World Is Gone,” in 2013 and later that year was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. It is during that hard time that Harry wrote most of the songs on his two EPs that came out in 2015. For the last three years, Hudson has dedicated himself to the MSFTS collective and their pursuit of change. Keeping in the spirit of the MSFTS collective, Harry is using a variety of art forms to express himself. The singer-songwriter released his short film, Can Cowboys Cry.

Now, Harry recently unveiled the music video for “Just Slide” featuring Jaden Smith.

Harry notes the video “It’s a continuation of the Can Cowboys Cry saga with an unexpected and surreal twist. The story will continue in the next chapter of the journey and my next project.”

Harry Hudson and Jaden Smith are the perfect duo to collaborate on a single. The aesthetic of the video is just as perfect as their voices. The song talks about a past relationship, where the other person can’t be reach, but they ask them to just “Slide in, ” referring to Instagram direct messaging.

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