March 29, 2019


Philadelphia native, Zero (@officiallyzero) is a 21 year old, eclectic, genre defying powerhouse who unleashes tracks that serve as anthems of teenage angst for today’s disenfranchised youth.

The new single by Zero and cowritten by Grandson is titled “Leave The Light On.” The song is like venturing through the mental landscape of a bi-polar convict. It begins with a haunting lullaby and the distant moaning of a melody over top. From there, the song twists and turns through an ever unpredictable saga of instrumentation. Between cryptic church organs, reggae dub reverb guitars, and an urban hip hop backdrop, the listener is kept on their toes. Before you know it the song launches into a brutal attack of a hard rock/nu metal chorus. One second Lee Scratch Perry, the next second, Linkin Park, and the next, Drake, the song resembles some kind of Frankenstein creature wreaking havoc upon the world.

It doesn’t matter what your particular musical tastes are; listening to Zero will get under your skin, have your blood boiling, and may even have you teary eyed by the end of it. Be forewarned, whatever your expectations are, Zero will destroy them.

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